Milestones in Cinema

MILESTONES IN CINEMA, 50 Visionary Films & Filmmakers
From 1916 to the present day, a professional filmmaker looks at the 50 Visionary Films & Filmmakers of the last 100 years. From Intolerance, Potemkin, Napoleon & Citizen Kane, through The Italian Neo Realists, The French New Wave, The American Independents, to Kubrick, Russell, Bergman, Spielberg, Mann, Boyle, & the New Paradigm of The Blair Witch, Once & Gravity… Agree. Disagree. Enjoy. VIEW ON AMAZON.

Zen & The Art of Independent Filmmaking

ZEN & The Art of Independent Filmmaking…
Lessons, insights & enlightenments from the professional life of David Worth a filmmaker, author and film professor, who spent nearly 40 years making over 35 feature films as a Cinematographer, Editor and Director. Discover the triumphs and tragedies of working all over the planet from Hollywood to Hong Kong, Italy, Bangkok, Indonesia & Bulgaria. As well as with iconic talents like: Clint Eastwood, Shelley Winters, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sondra Locke, Roy Scheider, Dennis Hopper & Bruce Campbell. If you want the in-the-trenches facts about Independent filmmaking… This book delivers the goods. VIEW ON AMAZON.